Sunset & Co.

Phone: (210) 930-1717
Address: 6438 North New Braunfels Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78209, USA


In 1995, Amy and David Doyle opened the doors of Sunset Ridge Home and Hardware, now Sunset & Company, in Alamo Heights. They had a vision. They wanted to provide quality products and exceptional customer service at a fun place to shop for men and women of all ages. The result? A funky, fun, gifty hardware store nestled in the beloved Sunset Ridge Shopping Center at the heart of Alamo Heights. To this day the Doyle’s strive to offer an easy ambiance in order for customers to enjoy the shopping experience, and find a sanctuary from crowded shopping malls and big-box stores.

An excellent place for…everyday errands, bridal registry, deciding on the perfect grill, Christmas shopping, adding place mats to the dining table, upgrading your kitchenware, birthday presents, decorating your bedroom, enhancing your fourth of July picnic, replacing the remote control batteries, or repainting your home- we guarantee there is something here for everyone!

Alamo Heights, Texas